And I love using my creativity to help others grow in their passions. This is a creative space to learn, create, and grow in the truth of God’s Word. And a place to find free resources for Bible journaling and planner/bullet journaling. It is my hope and desire that the things you find here will be faith-building and life-giving.

I’m a worship pastor’s wife and stay at home mom that used to get tattoos and tour the country playing bass in a rock band. Most of the music gear is sold but I still have the tattoos. These days you’ll find me spending time with my family, working as a freelance graphic designer, or writing.

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The Key to Taking Your Planner (& Life) to the Next Level

Nobody needs a whole planner just to write a few appointments down per week. We all have smart phones for that! So what's with the obsession with analog planners? I've always been a hands on person. There is just something about physically writing something down that commits it to memory....

What Are You Trying To Do? Connecting Planning & Faith

Recently I’ve found myself asking a new question to my children when they object – “But I wasn’t trying to ________!” (Fill in the blank with: hit him, break that, run around the house screaming, etc.) I have started turning the phrase around on them and asking “What WERE you...

Printable March 2018 Planner - Dot Grid, Bullet Journal style, coloring page, bujo, calendar, planning #journalingwithtasha #planneraddict

Printable Planning: How To Use My March 2018 Inserts

It's almost March and if you haven't already, its time to start planning! You may have noticed I added a new section to the website: The Shop. There are currently only planning related items in it, but I do plan on adding more items this spring. I'm thinking, accessories, home...

How To Study The Bible: REAP Bible study method. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to dive deeper into scripture, R.E.A.P. is an easy way to study the Bible. Download the free printable journal page to use during your journaling time.

A Quick Guide to the REAP Bible Study Method & A FREE Printable

Maybe you're new to reading the Bible or just looking for a new tool to help you... either way, I think the REAP method of Bible Study is a simple and easy way to dive a little deeper into the Word. I learned this Bible study method from a previous...