My table decorations… at home! I forgot to get a pic at the event!

Our women’s ministry had an ornament exchange at church tonight.  I was beyond excited because I got asked to host a table, which meant I got to decorate!  We had a blast.  There were over 175 women there!  I love when all ages of women can get together just to fellowship and have a good time.  It really was a lot of fun and I think a lot of new friendships were formed!

The Ugly Truth

Y’all want to hear how ditzy I am?  I was responsible for designing a little card with a verse on it for favors for all of the guests.  Halfway through the night, Joy (the pastor’s wife and wonderful lady who headed up the event) came to ask me for the cards.  I can’t imagine what my face looked like!  I had completely forgotten to print them out!  She assured me it was okay, but I couldn’t let it go.  I hate it when I drop the ball like that!  I know it wouldn’t have been a catastrophe to not have them, but I had given her my word that they would be done and I had completely blown it!  I went to the office to print them out immediately!

The graphic I made for the cards that I forgot to print out!

I apparently had a problem remembering things today!