Are you tired? Overwhelmed and stressed? Struggling to find time for yourself while also juggling work, home, and family? Feeling a disconnect between the Word of God and actually living its truths day to day?

I can’t promise you that you’ve come across the answer to all your problems. In fact, most of the time I am also overwhelmed and struggling. What I can promise: understanding, honesty, and an attempt at pointing you to the One who is the answer.

If you need a space to wrestle with your faith, to be encouraged, and reminded of the truth of God’s Word, this is your place!

It is my hope and desire that whatever information you find here will be faith-building and life-giving.

About Tasha

Growing up in the south, my view of God was mostly shaped by culture and denomination instead of what the Bible actually says. My deficient understanding of the Gospel resulted in so many years of searching,

heartache, and a near divorce. But through God’s grace He showed me who He really is by leading me to make my faith real to me. I began studying and memorizing Scripture instead of relying on secondhand truths. Knowing the truth of God’s Word has carried me through hardships I never could have imagined, provided ammunition for my battle with past trauma, and given me the passion to see others’ lives transformed by the Gospel.

I’m a creative at heart and enjoy writing, design, and even played bass guitar in a rock band years ago – I still have the tattoos to prove it! I love using my creativity to glorify God and help others grow in their passion for Him, His gospel, and His mission.

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram!