It’s been six weeks since we started My Father’s World First Grade – Learning God’s Story!  It’s been a lot easier to get into the groove of school this year. There is just enough structure and separation between subjects to keep us from getting bored.  I am really happy with MFW’s First Grade Curriculum.

Here is my sweetie on the first day of school!  You can tell its the first day because of how clean everything is! Also, yes she is barefooted… that’s how we roll.MFW First Grade
The curriculum came with plastic unifix cubes and wooden blocks for math.  Both kiddos love just playing with them!MFW First Grade
We’ve also settled into a nice groove with the outdoor science activities that are scheduled for Fridays. My husband’s day off is Friday so he has been able to pretty much facilitate school on that day and I think they both really enjoy it!MFW First Grade MFW First Grade
The little one is nearly two and a half now and has been much more interested in what big sister is doing so I had to find something for him to do!  I found these excellent Tot Time Notebook printables from 1+1+1=1 that include the cover page, a page for each letter of the alphabet and numbers up to 10 with shapes.  Noah loves this!  I put each sheet in a sheet protector and let him loose with the dry erase crayons and it keeps him entertained for quite a while.
Tot Notebook to Keep Toddler Busy Tot Notebook to Keep Toddler Busy
In week five, the infamous MFW timeline showed up! I had no idea what I wanted to do or that it was such a hot topic until I started researching ideas for how to execute it.  I came across this post on Mama Jenn’s blog that was an old giveaway for a blank scroll printable that is sold by Grapevine Studies.  I really liked the look of the scroll, but couldn’t really spare any more money on school, and being the DIYer that I am, decided to create my own scroll printable.  AND I decided to make it available for anyone else who would like to use it.
Free Printable Blank Scroll Timeline for MFW First
All you have to do is download, print out, cut off the excess white border and then tape together.  Also, these are full color so to save ink I changed my printer settings to “fast” quality and they still turned out great!Free Printable Blank Scroll Timeline for MFW First
If you don’t have room to put up a long timeline on your wall you can always use the folding method explained on Ginger-Snap-Shots so that your timeline can be neatly folded and put away. I actually used this method before putting it up on my wall so that when we are finished with it or if I later want to take it down, I can still fold it up and put it away!Free Printable Blank Scroll Timeline for MFW First Free Printable Blank Scroll Timeline for MFW First

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The Ugly Truth

I am happy to say that we are much more organized and staying on track this year.  It really helps that the weeks are planned out and actually are 5 days of work, instead of the 6 days in MFW Kindergarten.  Honestly, it drove me a little crazy that each unit wasn’t an exact week. On top of that, it made me feel like I could just do whatever I wanted with our schedule.  So we took a lot of breaks. And yes, that is some of the beauty of homeschool, but it just didn’t work well with us because once we had a couple of days off it was hard to start back up again.  Knowing that I have exact things that need to be done within 5 days makes me much more motivated to stay on schedule!