Welcome to my new weekly series, Weekly Dose of Crazy. Each Monday I will post a recap of all the crazy things that have happened in my week. I will include anything that is outside my realm of normal. It’s sure to be entertaining, but I also hope that it is encouraging to those other ladies out there who feel like their week fell off its rocker.

Why my past week was crazy:

IMG_2488I made a wedding cake.

My aunt asked me to make her wedding cake last week and deliver it to the wedding on Saturday. I used to make cakes all the time, but don’t anymore due to the fact that, well… I hate it. The process of making a cake completely takes over all my time and my house. Not only does the kitchen suffer, but pretty much the whole house does. Because the process takes several days, the laundry starts to pile up, the husband starts to get grumpy, and the kids get hungry. Ha, seriously though… I do forget to cook. My mind is focused on nothing else but cake. I’m sure you can see how this is a problem and I spent all week playing catch up because of it.

I do love my aunt though.

Noah was sick for 3 days.

Sunday evening Noah developed a fever that spiked to 105! The fever hung around for almost 3 days so I was a nervous wreck. I was so afraid that he might have a seizure or that something was seriously wrong. Normally I would have taken him to the doctor, but he didn’t even act like he felt bad. Turns out as soon as the fever broke he developed a rash. I knew then that it was roseola, a virus that causes fever for 2-3 days and then a non-itchy rash. Still scary though.

I got an email from an employee at Microsoft asking if I would do some design work for Microsoft’s Annual Giving Campaign.

Just wow. Where did that come from?

I received in the mail a personalized advance copy of the new Austin Stone Worship album, King of Love.

Not crazy, but definitely not my normal. I had requested a copy to review and it was a surprise when the mailman dropped it off. A review will be coming soon! The album releases October 22, but you can download a free song from the album RIGHT NOW! Go do it, it’s awesome. Click here to read the blog about how you can get the song JESUS IS BETTER for free.

I hosted a Pinterest party.

These are just so much fun and a great excuse to hang out with other ladies and eat yummy Pinterest treats. We made a cute little chalkboard tray. I waited until the day of the party to get supplies… not smart. I checked my local Dollar Tree for the trays, which they had, but they were so much smaller than I expected. So then I drug my family on a mad dash to several stores out of town to try to find the perfect trays… only to end up back at Dollar Tree to buy the original trays that I found. My husbands face = 😐

We made and installed new living room shelves.

I got it in my head that the living room needed shelves ASAP. Never mind that we’ve lived here 3 months without them already. I’m one-track minded so that was our project for Saturday and Sunday after church. I’ll post a tutorial soon so y’all can see how we made them.

The Ugly Truth

I don’t do well when things interrupt my plans. When I get something in my head, I push and push until I make it happen, usually at any cost. It’s really obnoxious and so not Christ-like. I really need to work on being more gracious and forgiving and unselfish. The fact is that even the best laid plans can go awry and I have other people in my life that I need to take into consideration. Some days I do better than others. This Sunday in bible study we looked at James 4:1-10 and how conflict can be avoided by humbly submitting your plans to Christ. I can’t even count the number of times my husband and I clashed this past week and mostly because of my selfish desires. I know that if I had taken the time to pray and ask God what He wanted me to do things would have gone smoother and felt less chaotic. I guess I really needed that lesson from James!

What was crazy about your week?  Please share your stories below in the comments!