This week… wow.

I attended the annual women’s ministry gift exchange at our church.

I mentioned last week that I had been busy getting ready for this night.  I really enjoy getting to host a table.  I get to decorate my table however I choose and invite women to come sit with me!  This year I was also part of the program.  I gave a short (unintentionally) talk on my family’s tradition of doing an Advent calendar.  I may have rushed through it and forgot half of what I was going to say.

Noah had an abscess on his lip.

Noah woke up with a swollen lip on Tuesday morning.  It really scared me so we went to the doctor that day.  She said he had strep and must have also hit his lip on something because it looked traumatized.  I kind of felt in my gut that it was something else, but we filled the antibiotic prescription and went home.  After he woke up from nap that day, his lip was even more swollen and he bumped it with his cup.  Well… it burst (on the inside of his lip) and puss and blood started leaking out.  Ewww.  It was after office hours and we had already started the antibiotic, so I waited and called the doctor the next morning.  She wanted to see him immediately to make sure everything had drained from the lip.  Apparently he had an abscess and the antibiotic should take care of it. His lip looks completely better, but now his tooth is a little grayish… the next trip may be to the dentist! :/

My husband became an ordained minister.

Sunday was a day I will never forget.  I had never been to an ordination ceremony before, but had been told what to expect, which was to cry… a lot.  The most memorable portion was the “laying on of hands” where the other ordained ministers and deacons in our church prayed for us and then anyone else who wanted to pray for us could also.  It was so overwhelming… humbling and touching… to hear all of those prayers for my husband/us.

The Ugly Truth

The ordination process is a little foreign to me, I must admit. And apparently the process of ordination, I learned after doing some research, varies widely among Baptists.  It’s important to remember that ordination doesn’t mean that the ordained is a “better christian” or anything like that.  Ordination doesn’t convey any special giftedness.  It is simply a symbolic recognition of God’s call on a person’s life. For us, it was a very meaningful time, and like I said, something we will never forget.