MFW Unit 5 Nest

MFW Kindergarten Unit 5: Nest

Unit 5: Nest in My Father’s World Kindergarten has been completed for quite a while now, but I am so very behind!  Here it is anyway! Unit 5’s words to remember were: God takes good care of me. Some of the things we did in this unit: Every day we read the poem, “The Secret.” We have […]

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One Word for 2013

I don’t usually pick something and stick to it, but last week I began thinking about a new year’s resolution.  What personal goal could I work on in 2013?  I came up with a list of things… I could be a better mother, exercise more, eat healthier, spent more time in prayer… the list went […]

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Time To Un-Deck The Halls

I was raised with the rule that it is bad luck to take down Christmas decorations before the New Year.  I have held true to that tradition my entire adult life.  So true, in fact, that in the past I have left mine up until March!  For real… I’m just lazy.  BUT! BUT… this year, […]

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MFW Kindergarten Unit 4: Apple

We have completed Unit 4: Apple in My Father’s World Kindergarten! Unit 4’s words to remember were: If I stay in Jesus, I will have much fruit. Some of the things we did in this unit: Every day we sang the song, “Johnny Appleseed.” Again, I didn’t know the song, so I found it on YouTube. I […]

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DIY Anchor Wall Art | The Good, The Bad, And The Truth

DIY Anchor Wall Art

I am excited to share this little (well, big!) project with you!    Here’s how I did it: Start with a sanded, clean, preferably not warped piece of plywood.  I used what I had on hand and it was very thin and had been leaning against a wall for a while, so it was warped. […]

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