First things first – Where are we at in the process right now and when do we get to go get him?

Well… According to the chart below, we are waiting on Step 11.  Thursday our Article 5 will be picked up from the US Consulate in Guangzhou and sent to the CCCWA (Step 12).  This means that that we are approved as suitable adoptive parents and that Ezra will be able to enter and reside permanently in the United States.

At that point we will officially be waiting for Travel Approval!!! After travel approval is issued, the Consulate will make an appointment for us and that will determine WHEN we go to get Ezra!  We are so close!

Second thing – We have all the money we need to complete the adoption!  In case you haven’t noticed our thermometer, we have raised all $30,000 and a little more.  All of it!!! Praise be to God and thank you to everyone who gave so that we could bring Ezra home!!!

In other news, a fellow adoptive mama, Wendi, just went to get her daughters and one of them was at Ezra’s orphanage so she volunteered to take some stuff to him.  And to let him know that his family is coming to get him. 🙂

This is the little bag we sent.


Inside are some clothes, house shoes, stickers, lollipops to share with his friends, chocolates for the nannies, a Mickey Mouse to cuddle, a photo album, and a little book that I made for him.


Mama and Baba – we want him to know our faces.


I got the idea for this book from someone else.  She sent one to her son and brought one with her on Gotcha Day.  The book was illustrated and gave her son a little bit of an idea of who his family was and what he could expect.  I loved the idea so I totally ripped her off.  Here’s some of our book:







As promised, Wendi went to deliver Ezra’s package.  And she sent many pictures!





I am just so in love with that little face.  She sent videos also, which we are keeping private for now.  I got to hear his little voice and see his expressions!  We are definitely treasuring these.

The Ugly Truth

Not much ugly here, just that I think this has been the most tedious and drawn out part of the process.  We have been waiting on our Article 5 Pickup for a week and a half and it has seemed like a year.  The closer we get, the harder the waiting is.  However, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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