I might be a little biased, but get ready for cuteness overload! I thought I would share our kids’ past halloween costumes because they are just so darn cute!… I mean, the kids are definitely adorable…. And I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but the costumes are pretty cute also!

Here is Chandler’s very first costume back in 2007! It was a store-bought costume because I wasn’t as creative back then I guess.


Here is Chandler dressed as a flapper in 2009.  How sweet is she?  This is one of the simplest costumes ever! It’s a hand-me-down dress, bead string that I used as the necklace, and a headband. We already had all of the items!


Here is Belle from Beauty and the Beast in 2010. I think this costume was a splurge from The Disney Store… she probably batted those long lashes at daddy.


This is Noah’s first halloween in 2011! Don’t they make the cutest Tinkerbell & Peter Pan? I made these costumes mostly out of felt and spend lots of time on them.  It paid off though… we actually won a $500 gift certificate in a local furniture store’s costume contest.

IMG_1088 IMG_1087

Our first family costume was last year for a friend’s halloween party! The Flintstones!  I made all of the costumes out of sheets and felt. Not great quality, but effective and cheap!


The kids also had separate costumes last year.  Chandler was Rapunzel from Tangled.  She already had the dress that her Nanny and Pawpaw had given her. I bought cheap long hair extensions and braided them into her hair to make it super long and then finished the look with ribbon braided in and flowers. She also carried around her little stuffed Pascal.


Noah was an ewok.  And this photo still makes me squeal.  It was super simple… I just sewed the head dress out of leftover orange sheet from the Flintstone costumes and made him a little bag out of scrap material and put it over a store bought bear costume. Adorable!


The Ugly Truth

I love halloween!  Lots of christians don’t celebrate it and that’s their prerogative. I always have participated and think it’s fun. I don’t care for all the candy or the overly scary stuff, but getting to dress up is fun! I also love that it’s one of the only times that it’s okay to knock on random people’s doors. It’s the sense of community that I love the most!

What has been your family’s favorite costumes?

10 thoughts on “Costumes Of Halloweens Past

    1. Hey Sandra, that’s been a while ago, but I think i ended up making it where it would lace up with ribbon in the back, that way we could tie it as tight as needed.

        1. one more question
          how did you do those strip on the top, did you color the fabric or wrap it like a bandage?
          thanks again

          1. There was a basic layer underneath that was just plain. I made the leaf looking strips and sewed them on top of it.
            I’m happy to answer, if I can remember… haha

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