Recently I made a group on Facebook called Designed to Create.  I thought it would be fun to get together and fellowship with others who enjoy creating things.  Then, it hit me.  We could do Pinterest parties!

This past Saturday was our first Pinterest Party (or some call them Pinning Parties, I think).  Our craft was the oh so cute and popular yarn wreath.  Here is a great tutorial if you are interested in making your own.

I decided to host at my house and keep the decor simple.  I printed out a few signs that I found online and put them in picture frames.

Everyone brought a snack that came from a recipe on Pinterest and $5 to cover the cost of supplies.  There were lots of goodies!

After we ate, we got our wreaths and yarn and started wrapping! It is a pretty simple process.  Just tie the yarn to the wreath to begin and wrap around and around and around until the straw wreath is covered.  The most aggravating part was that the yarn kept getting tangled in itself!

After the wreaths were wrapped the next step was to make felt flowers.  We used my Blu-ray player to watch tutorials on YouTube.  This video showed how to make 3 different types of flowers so I feel like it was most helpful.

We spent a lot of time choosing felt colors and deciding which designs and flowers to make!  I am also happy to announce that there were no ugly wreaths made!  This is a very easy craft!

The finished wreaths!

All of us girls with our wreaths!

It was a great night of fellowship and crafting!

The Ugly Truth

Ok… I have to admit there were a couple of people that I just forgot to invite! Mostly because they didn’t have Facebook or I just didn’t see them!  I felt terrible once I realized it, but I have assured them there will be more and they are invited!  I just have to figure out where to put everyone!  My little apartment was at max capacity!  The other thing was I nearly killed myself (and husband and grandpa) making a kitchen island before the party.  We got it finished in a week!  The night of the party was the first time I had actually used it.  One of the ladies accidentally dropped hot glue on the top of it and burned herself really badly trying to scrape it up before I noticed!  Oh man!  What do they think? That I am some sort of crazy person that would go psycho if anyone messed up my new island?  If so, they might be right!  I did feel really bad that she was so worried and had gotten burned so badly.  She had a huge blister on her finger.  I guess she had one of those high-heat glue guns, which, by the way, is completely unnecessary.  I broke out the Dermoplast and triple antibiotic ointment and all was forgiven… the glue came right up!

Any ideas for the next Pinterest Party?

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