DIY Cheveron Stripe Shower Curtain

Our guest bath is also the kids’ bathroom so I wanted it to be bright and cheery, but not juvenile.  I am also currently obsessed with turquoise and chevron stripes. I plan on there being some form of both in every room in our house!  So I set out to decorate in turquoise and yellow and to find a chevron stripe shower curtain.  Ha.  If only I had wanted to pay between $70 and $120 for a chevron stripe shower curtain.  No way!  I’ll make one!


1) Fabric shower curtain, about $15

2) Soft fabric paint, I used 3 tubes of Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Sunshine Yellow, $5 per tube

3) Painter’s tape, I used the blue scotch tape, also about $5

4) Foam paint brushes, I think I got 4 for less than $2

I found all of these items at my local Walmart.

How I did it:

Lay out your fabric shower curtain.  Make sure you protect your floor underneath with a drop cloth.  I had a lot of paint seep through the shower curtain!

DIY Cheveron Stripe Shower Curtain

Tape your stripes using the painters tape.  I used the grid pattern that my shower curtain already had as a guide.  This is the most difficult part.  I cut the tape where it intersected so that my yellow stripe would have a clean point.  Every other stripe will appear thinner, that’s because the tape is overlapping it!  I left the intersecting tape edges messy on the ends that were in the area that wasn’t being painted (the white stripe) so that I wouldn’t get confused!

I squirted the paint onto a paper plate, then painted it on the shower curtain with foam brushes. FYI… the paint will eventually seep through a paper plate (doh!) and the foam brushes will tear up easily, so have enough on hand.  Or you can do what I eventually did, which is use the foam brush to paint right along the tape and then use a regular old paint brush to apply the paint to the middle of the stripe.  Also, this took way more time and paint that I thought it would!  I initially only bought one tube of paint, which really only painted 1 3/4 of my lines. I ended up needing nearly 3 tubes.

DIY Cheveron Stripe Shower Curtain

After your paint is dry, peel up the tape and hang that beauty!  FYI… it takes 4 hours for this paint to dry, so if you have kids and are doing this project in your living room floor like me, you are going to want to paint it before bed and let it dry overnight.  Also, the tube says soft fabric paint, but it is still a little more crunchy than I would have liked.  The lines, however, did turn out clean without any bleeding under the tape!

DIY Cheveron Stripe Shower Curtain

The Ugly Truth

I had originally made this little graphic to help me tape off my stripes.  Yes, I need help.  I’m telling you I’m a perfectionist people!  I used the measurements that were printed on the shower curtain package.  When I opened the package, the shower curtain wasn’t the same exact size!  Panic and freak out!  Thankfully I realized that I could use the design on the curtain to measure my stripes and that made the taping part of this project easier.  Not easy, but easier.  Chevron stripes are a pain… but worth it, don’t you think?

DIY Cheveron Stripe Shower Curtain

Sneak Peek

What do you think this $10 garage sale find is going to become?

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  1. The shower curtain turned out great!

    This tutorial is pinned on The Home Depot’s Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspiration board on Pinterest.

    -Craig, from The Home Depot

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