Here’s a quick post on my entry/hallway tables and gallery walls.  I found this table at a garage sale and thought it would be perfect to cut in half for one of those half tables I’ve been seeing on Pinterest.  I had been looking for a table that would be the right size to fit on the wall behind our front door so we would have an entry table and this one was perfect.  Sorry I didn’t get a pic before the table was cut in half!  I left that project up to my husband and I forgot to get the picture before he cut it!

After it was cut, it was sanded and stained.

For the gallery wall, I started in the hallway leaving the kitchen.  I had a chalkboard that I wanted to hang there and create sort of a command center.  One half of the table went here.  Unfortunately our thermostat is in the middle of this wall!  I scoured the internet for ideas on covering it up, but found that it isn’t recommended.  Instead of covering it, I used a 5×7 frame without the glass or back and just placed it over the thermostat.  It fit perfectly!  I ended up doing that for the light switches too.

Then I hung the chalkboard and gathered the other frames I wanted to use.  I traced each frame on a sheet of paper (scrap paper that the kids had scribbled on!) and marked where the hanger was, then used painters tape to arranged them on the wall until I was satisfied with how it looked.

Once the layout was in place, I began putting nails, right through the paper where it was marked for the hanger.  Then the tape and paper was removed, one at a time so I didn’t get confused as to which frame went where…. And, ta da!

You may have notice the table now has a drawer, when it didn’t before!  The table had a drawer on one side, so to make both sides match each other we cut a hole on the backside of the table, cut the drawer in half (like the table) and added a piece of wood across the front to create the drawer face.  Then the tables had matching drawers!

Most visitors don’t even notice the thermostat and light switch!  They blend right in!

Next I tackled the entry wall, using the same method.  This is what it looked like before I put in all the new photos and prints, and before the the table was finished!

And after!  I printed out the prints that were letter size or smaller and had the larger ones printed elsewhere.  Turned out pretty awesome!

The Ugly Truth

I didn’t attach the tables to the wall and they have been sitting there just fine… until last night when my almost 2 year old decided to drive his truck on one!  I guess he is just now tall enough to take interest.  Well, it fell over on him and he cried hysterically for about 10 minutes!  I thought he was just scared because I couldn’t see a red spot or anything, but the next day a small bruise came up on the side of his little foot.  Poor guy!  Time to attach those mean old tables to the wall!

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