One year ago today we got a call that would change our lives. The call that told us there was a little boy across the world that might be our son.

One year ago today, after the call, Billy and I prayerfully opened the email that contained the first picture we ever saw of Ezra.


One year of knowing he was our son but not being certain we would be able to bring him home. One year of loving a child that we have never met. One year of stepping out in faith and trusting God to make a miracle happen for us. We are so very blessed.

The Ugly Truth

A year seems like such a long time. And I could go on and on about how much bigger he looks from that first picture and how that makes me feel. Right now I am taking comfort in knowing that God loves him more than I ever could and even though I can’t hold him yet… we are going to get him in less than a month! Yeah – in a month I will actually be able to hold him. We got our consulate appointment and we bought tickets yesterday!!!

We are so so SO excited! Thank you for the prayers that have gotten us this far. If you want to continue praying for us there are a couple of specific things that are heavy in my prayers. 1) Please pray that Ezra will attach to me easily and that God would prepare his heart for leaving everything he has ever known and coming into a family. 2) Please pray for our kids to have an easy time while we are gone. We have arrangements for them to be with friends and family and they will without a doubt be taken care of, we just are concerned that they may be very distressed as they have never been away from us more than a few days.

Thanks again for prayers! Whew! We are almost there!

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