Today was Chandler’s first day of Kindergarten.  Before we got started I had her pose with this sign I downloaded from Paging Supermom.  Isn’t it/she cute?

After that we filled out a little questionnaire I got from Positively Splendid.  The goal is to do one of these every year and see how the answers change.

Then we got started on our school work!  We are doing My Father’s World Kindergarten, a Christian homeschool curriculum.  I honestly was feeling a little bit lost, but I did find a MFW 2012-2013 BlogRoll that has links to others going through My Father’s World curriculums. Curriculi? Curricula.  It’s one of those.

Yes folks, I am teaching my daughter at home.

The first 10 days are a Creation Unit, then the next 26 Units go through the alphabet.  Today we learned about Genesis 1:1-5, or basically God made light and divided it from the darkness.  I’ll write another post when we finish up this unit.

All in all, our first day of Kindergarten was a success and Chandler loves it!

First Day of School printable available here at Alpha Mom.

The Ugly Truth

Little Noah wasn’t feeling well but still wanted in on the fun.  He’s naked because he just had a bath… because his diaper exploded at breakfast.  It was not a pretty sight at all.  The joys of a teething baby!

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  1. Hi! I am stopping by from the MFW Blogroll and co-hosting the My Father’s World Homeschool Highlights this school year with Monica @ DiscoverTheirGifts. This is where MFW families connect weekly, or as often as you like, to share what we are doing in our schools. The first one is September 8, the info is on my blog. I hope you join us!


    ps: I hope you have a great year!

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