I have been meaning to update everyone as our fundraisers progressed and well… I’ve been busy and time has slipped away from me.  And honestly I didn’t expect it to go all this fast! You may have been watching our little thermometer creep up over the past few months, but just this past week it has exploded!

Here is where the funds have come from so far:

We have very generous friends and family who have just given because they wanted to.  $7,341 of what we have raised has come from general donations!


We have had two garage sales and donations from that totals $3,377!  Plus almost all of the items sold at the garage sales were donated, and one of the garage sales was hosted by a friend.  So all I had to do was help her on the day of the sale.  So amazing!


We have sold 129 shirts totaling $1,362! This has been so cool because people from all over have ordered them online and we get to see all the locals wear them on a regular basis. (There is one more John 14;18 shirt left, size L, if you want it! Just click the picture above to purchase from our online store.)


The puzzle fundraiser is still going on!  You can see that we still have quite a few pieces left so let me know if you would like one (or more).  For more information check out this post.  I am so excited to get this finished and framed so that Ezra will be able to see all the names of the people who bought pieces to help bring him home!


We have a friend who is going on a 100 mile bike ride in order to raise money!  She has already gotten $930 of her $1,500 goal!  The ride is tomorrow if weather permits!  You can donate specifically in support of her by clicking the image above.

And this past week, what has helped our little fundraising thermometer on the sidebar shoot to 79% funded… Grants!


We received a $2,000 grant from our home church’s adoption ministry.  If you are an adopting family and would like to apply, please visit this website for more info.sowingroots

We also received a $1,000 grant from SowingRoots, an orphan care organization based out of Washington.


And we also received a $6,000 grant from ShowHope!  Show Hope is an organization based out of Nashville that was founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth.  I was completely caught off guard by this one.  I wasn’t expecting to hear from them until December!

So… in conclusion:

 We have raised all but $6,150 of $30,000!

That is $23,850 that has been so graciously given toward bringing Ezra home!


The gray wedge is what we have left to raise and the other colors symbolize the different ways that money has been given.

The Ugly Truth

As I am sitting here typing this, I still can’t believe my eyes.  I have crunched the numbers.  Added and re-added and subtracted to be sure and I just am floored that we have almost all of the money needed to bring Ezra home!

We knew that God had called us to adopt.  We knew that He had assured us about the financial aspects.  But when you are in the middle of it, it’s hard to remember and you start to question if maybe you misunderstood.  Yes, we still have $6,000 to raise, but we are confident that God will provide in whatever way He sees fit.  If we can get the rest of the puzzle pieces sold, we will be very close to meeting the total goal!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in some way.  Your prayers and donations have changed our lives and are helping a little boy come home to his family.  You have been a part of something only God could do!  I just can’t even express how full of gratitude we are!

If you are curious about why it costs $30,000 you can see a breakdown of fees here on our agency’s website: Waiting Child Adoption Cost and Fees

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