Today is Ezra’s 4th birthday.  Well, technically he was having his birthday last night while we were all sleeping, but it’s October 1st here and I am thinking about my sweet boy.  I have prayed that he has a good day and that he feels special and loved.  I wonder if he got to have a cake, even though I know it’s not likely. I wonder if he received our care package or if he ever will.

We had cupcakes and sang happy birthday to him.  We all blew out the candles together.  It was really sweet to see Chandler and Noah celebrating their brother’s day.  I ,however, felt guilty eating my cupcake… knowing that he might not have one.


It has been an eventful last couple of days.  When I checked the mail Monday, I found the I-800A approval (I-797) that we had been waiting on to complete our dossier.

On a whim we drove to Austin that night and stayed so we could be at the Secretary of State first thing the next morning.  We had to have our dossier documents certified there and then they had to be sent to the Chinese Consulate in Houston.  The Secretary of State was super easy and it only took about 20 minutes to have the documents certified!


Immediately after leaving there, we hopped in the van and drove straight to Houston to attempt the consulate.  I had heard horror stories about the Consulate and walking the documents in.  Most people use a courier because you can not mail the documents and they seem to be very picky about the documents.  We drove up to the consulate, found street parking right in front, I hopped out and stood in line for 15 minutes and THEY TOOK MY DOCUMENTS without any complaint!  I held my breath the whole time!  And prayed the whole time!  I will get to go pick them up next Wednesday (they are closed the 1st through the 6th for a Chinese National Holiday) and then I get to send them to our agency for critical review.  Whew!!


On the way home we stopped and rode the little train by the Houston Zoo to celebrate and to reward the kids for being real troopers considering all the driving we did.


The Ugly Truth

I have been emotional and dreading this day, but now that its here I feel okay.  It’s definitely bittersweet.  Ezra is another year older so I celebrate his life!  But he has been without a family for 4 years and I have missed 4 years of his life.  And that is very hard.

Next year though, we will have the happiest 5th birthday ever because we will be together!

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