Today we are celebrating because we finally sent off the huge stack of home study paperwork we’ve been collecting. I know that you guys have been praying for me! It’s the only way that I was able to be steadfast in getting all of this together… And to not go crazy in the process.

Here’s what we had to send them:

Filled out Information Packet
Copies of drivers licenses, insurance card, marriage certificate, birth certificates
A layout of our house with dimensions and square footage
Pictures of the front of our house and back yard
A picture of us
Medical physicals
Employment verification
Copy of last years tax return
Checking and savings account statements for the last 2 months
Reference letters



There were a couple of hiccups and things that took longer than they should have. For instance, I thought our medical physicals were scheduled for Wednesday of last week, but had actually been scheduled for the end of the month… Thankfully they were able to get us in on Thursday!

Now we just have to wait for our first home study visit to be scheduled. If you would, please pray that it will be soon and that our case worker will be sensitive to the fact that we have already been matched with Ezra. I am definitely feeling the time crunch and the weight of getting the home study and dossier completed by October.

This last week we also had pictures taken by the lovely and talented Hope of Hope Lynette Photography. I’m so happy to have these photos to document this time in our lives! Here are a few shots…





Aren’t they beautiful? Hope’s a sweet girl and I’m sure we will be using her for more family pictures in the future.

The Ugly Truth

It’s nerve racking having someone look so closely at your life, even when you know you aren’t hiding anything. I mean, will the home study agency think we spend too much money on fast food? Or think our form of discipline is questionable? I’ve got almost no idea what specifics they are looking for… Hopefully it’s more about figuring out if we are who we say we are, that we aren’t psychopaths, and that our home is safe. I feel super needy asking so much, but pray for us through this please!

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