A short update today! Our first two home study visits have been scheduled! Thank you for joining us in praying that they would be soon. They are. Very soon. Monday, June 9th and Friday, June 13th. It’s good because we are hoping to expedite the process as much as possible since Ezra is waiting on us. We are, of course, a bucket of nerves. 🙂 Please continue to pray for us, especially through those visits!

The Ugly Truth

We are scrambling a bit. We are trying to get some things up to standard, such as installing a couple more smoke detectors and making sure the fire extinguisher is inspected. We didn’t know about those things until we got the checklist from the caseworker.

We are also hoping to get some beds for the boys before the home study. Noah has recently graduated from his crib to a toddler bed (the crib with one side removed) so it’s perfect timing. It’s not a requirement, but we would feel so much better if Noah’s room looked more welcoming for Ezra.  We are looking for bunk beds that convert to twin beds.  That way they can use them as twin beds until they get older.  We are on a tight budget so we have looked at a set at Walmart, but I am concerned about the quality and how long it will hold up. We’ve considered building some ourselves but given the time constraints, I don’t know if they would get done in time. Please let me know if you happen upon any for cheap!

1 thought on “Home Study Visits Scheduled!

  1. We actually purchased the set at Walmart two years ago and they are still going strong! It was a cheap good option for us when we go the last minute notice when we got our first two foster placements.

    We are so excited for you guys! And praying for God to prepare your hearts and minds. The paperwork and meetings are just a short part of the rest of your lives. I used to let each court date haunt my mind and once I realized it’s just a technicality of the process it no longer has power!

    I love you!

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