When I saw that Jamie Ivey was asking for bloggers to review the new Austin Stone Worship album King Of Love, I jumped at the opportunity.  When Billy and I went to Verge this year, Aaron Ivey and Austin Stone Worship were leading the worship throughout the conference.  They were seriously a blessing and incredibly talented.  Because Billy is a worship leader, we were invited over to the Ivey’s house one of the conference nights to just hang out and eat.  I think Aaron wasn’t feeling well, so we didn’t get to meet him, but Billy and I spent most of our night chatting with Jimmie, one of Austin Stone Worship’s guitarists.  Jimmie is an awesomely talented guy who happens to have albinism, like our son, so we hit it off immediately!  After that experience during Verge you could pretty much say I became a huge fan.


I was so excited to get this package in the mail!  I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging anyway, but the typed (yes, as in a typewriter!) letter sealed with an actual wax seal just put me over the top.  I’m a dork, but that kind of stuff gets me excited.  Along with the letter, was the album and a jump drive with a digital copy of the music and chord charts for all the songs. Billy was super pumped about that since we have been playing one of the songs (No Greater Aim) at our church worship gatherings since we heard it at Verge. He commented that now they would be able to play it “correctly.”  Haha.  Since getting the chord charts our worship band has also started playing Jesus Is Better. So FBC folks you have Austin Stone Worship to thank for those songs!  You can find out how to download Jesus Is Better for free and also watch a video about how the song was written here at Jamie’s blog.

IMG_2705 IMG_2715

What else can I say?  The album is wonderful. It hasn’t left the CD player in my car.  The letter from Aaron said that their highest aim is to make much of Jesus by providing the church with songs that are rich in theology, mission and expression and that their prayer is affections for Jesus would be stirred by this collection of songs.  That’a beautiful vision and I am happy to say that their hopes and prayers and hard work are not in vain.

I can’t wait for you all to be able to get it on October 22nd because I know that you will LOVE it!  Until then, go download the song Jesus Is Better for free… you will definitely be itching to get the whole album after hearing it!

You will be able to purchase King Of Love by Austin Stone Worship on their website on October 22nd!

The Ugly Truth

Not much ugly truth here, just that I am super jealous that my husband will be at the Austin Stone Worship Conference next week without me!

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