So I have been brainstorming fundraisers and have compiled a list!

BTW, have you taken a look at our Adoption Fund Thermometer recently?  We have raised 20% of our goal! Wow!

Garage Sale

This weekend is our garage sale!  We have a garage full of donations for our sale so you should definitely come by and check it out.  If you have items that you would like to donate, please get with me and I will pick up items if I need to!  Also, feel free to share the image below so we can get some folks to show up. 🙂garagesaleflyer


A good friend of mine gave us this puzzle a couple of years ago for a different fundraiser that never ended up happening.  It was meant to help orphans in Haiti but instead is now going to help our son come home.  The idea is to sell pieces of the puzzle for $5 each. Whoever buys a piece (or pieces :)) will have their name written on the back of the pieces. When the puzzle is complete we will frame it between two pieces of plexiglass so that Ezra can see all the names of the people who helped him come home! Plus, if we sell all 1500 pieces we will have raised $7,500!

If you would like to purchase puzzle pieces, please feel free to hand me cash, check, or use the donate button to the right!



This one is going to take a lot more work, but I’m hoping to get it going soon.  I am hoping to do this like a silent auction, but on Facebook. If you or someone you know may be willing to donate new or handmade items or services in exchange for whatever advertising the auction generates, please contact me!

5K Run

There are some lovely folks that are getting this together for me, because I do not run! I will keep you posted on the details though.


And of course we have our shirts for sale in person and online!  We still have a few left of each design so if you haven’t gotten one yet you should soon!  There may also be a third design soon. 🙂





The Ugly Truth

There are plenty of opinions when it comes to adoption fundraising and I don’t really want to get into all of that.  I only want to say that our family feels that God has called us to adopt right now.  We do not have enough money in savings to pay all of the expenses associated with an adoption, BUT we know that God is going to provide.

Some people will think that our financial status is none of their business and will not be willing to give money toward our adoption fund.  I understand that.

Some people will jump at the opportunity to be a part of bringing an orphan home by supporting us financially. And I will be eternally grateful for that!

I do not expect anyone to give us money! I do however, expect God to come through in a BIG way!  So please, do not think that just because we are accepting donations or are having fundraisers, that we expect you to pay for us to have another child.  We expect God to provide the money that we need… and some of that will be through the help of others.  Some of that money will be from our personal savings, from us living frugally, from federal tax credit, grants, donations, and fundraisers. But all of it will be because God made a miracle happen so that a little boy could have a family!


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