As of October 22, we were officially LID!  That means our dossier is logged into CCCWA’s system. On a traditional China adoption timeline, LID would mean that you are able to be matched with a child, and you would begin waiting for a referral.  Since Ezra is considered “special needs” and found us back in February before we even began our home study or dossier, we already have that referral and PA (Pre-Approval) and now we are just waiting for LOA (Letter of Acceptance).

So basically the countdown has begun.  Based on other’s timelines right now, we have about a 65 day wait until we get LOA. (And another 8-10 weeks for Travel Approval after that.)

65 days from October 22 is December 25. So… All I want for Christmas is my LOA. My LOA. My LOA.

You know you started singing it. 😉

The Ugly Truth

I don’t know… I feel like all I ever do is whine about how hard waiting is and how I need your prayers and blah blah blah.  Those things are still true, but I feel a little like a broken record, so I won’t be repeating myself today.

I think I may have been feeling a little depressed recently or something?  My hubby brought me flowers yesterday morning, which is an exceptionally rare occasion because 1) flowers are expensive and 2) I’m a realist and “flowers just die.”  But he knew I needed a pick-me-up so he took the kids out for breakfast so I could sleep in and then brought home flowers and a card.  So sweet and so needed.

Full disclosure:  He picked them up at a grocery store and I put them in a vase myself.  In my opinion, florists are so expensive and honestly overrated. He knows I would have been very upset if he had spent a lot of money on me.

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