So we have finished up our Creation Intro Unit in My Father’s World Kindergarten!  It has taken me a while to actually get around to posting about it.

Each day we read a excerpt from Genesis about creation, focusing on one day of creation each day.  Chandler colored, cut out, and glued a number to construction paper each day.  At the end of seven days we had this:

Throughout the unit she also made a Creation Book.  She illustrated each day all by herself!

We read Why Is the Sky Blue? on day two to go with God making the sky.  We read Why Is the Grass Green? on day three because God made dry land and plants.  We read What Makes Day and Night? on day four because on day four God made the sun, moon, and stars.  We read Why Do Birds Sing? on day five because God made birds on day five.

After we had learned about each day of creation we read the creation story in our Jesus Storybook Bible.  I seriously love this book.  It is beautifully written and does a great job of connecting Jesus throughout the entire Bible.

The Ugly Truth


my son is running amuck! I have got to figure out how to involve him or keep him entertained.  I don’t like putting him in front of the TV, but I have been resorting Baby Einstein frequently.  Any ideas on how to involve a one year old in homeschool?

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  1. Wow, thanks for posting your homeschooling adventures! I just started this week with MFW curriculum and the kids enjoyed it. Hope it got easier to engage the little one in fun activities as you went on. This will be one of go to inspiration blogs!! Blessings to you

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