We have complete Unit 1: Sun in My Father’s World Kindergarten!

We start each day by adding a day to the calendar.  We use a blank calendar that I found at Dollar Tree and numbers that I printed out and laminated.  The numbers are stuck to the calendar with Sticky Tack – that way the calendar is reusable!  We then add a straw to our straw cup, count them and write the number on our 100 chart.

Some of the activities this week included:

Drawing the letter S in our salt tray as a tactile letter activity.

Fun sun themed snacks.

Practicing handwriting.

We attempted to make raisins.  I put the grapes out on the back porch where they would get some sun, but they got blown away by the wind. Oops.

Completed a math page for the number 1.

Made our sun badge.  Chandler chose to wear hers as a necklace.

Played a game of memory to work on letter name concentration.

Made a sundial that surprisingly lasted a few days!

We used legos to create the letter S.

We watched this video from Sid the Science Kid on YouTube.

We read What is a Star? and What Makes Day and Night?

The Ugly Truth

The truth is that most of the time I wonder if I am actually teaching my child anything.  I wonder if she would be learning more at a public school.  I wonder if I am actually capable of doing this.  I don’t know.  So far she loves “school” and if we miss a day because of my husband’s schedule, she’ll say, “Mom, we forgot to do school!”  So that is good.  She has always had a great appetite for learning.  I guess sometimes I get discouraged because I see these other mom’s blogs and they have all these creative things they are doing and most days I am skimping by with the bare minimum of what our curriculum recommends.  Ah, well.  There is always next week. 🙂

2 thoughts on “MFW Kindergarten Unit 1: Sun

  1. Regarding your section “The Ugly Truth”…you are doing great! We don’t always “do school” every day. I want my kids to enjoy God’s creation while it still holds so much wonder for them. I want my kids to be outside, playing with friends, watching bugs (even if we’re not in the “i is for insect unit” or laughing at their super tall stringy shadows long after we’ve finished the “s” unit. They are learning so much more than you can possibly know or measure. At the end of the day, they know who they are, whose they are, and that they are loved beyond measure! Keep it up!

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