We have complete Unit 2: Moon in My Father’s World Kindergarten!

Be warned:  There are a ton of pictures in this post!

In Unit 2 we learned about the letter M and the moon (space).  The words to remember were “I am the light of the world.”  In Unit 1 we learned about the sun and how Jesus is the light of the world.  In this unit we learned that we are also called to be the light of the world.  Just like the moon reflects light from the sun, we are to reflect Jesus’ light to others.

We did a few worksheets.

We used play-doh for our tactile letter activity.

We  made a spaceship (our table with a sheet over it).  Here is Chandler preparing our spaceship for lift-off.  10 – 9 – 8…

First steps on the moon!

Chandler decided she needed her lightsaber for protection in space.

We learned about the phases of the moon and reinforced the information with a snack (oreos).

We  made a mobile that I found at Scholastic Printables.  You can print it here for free.

We took our first field trip to Space Center Houston!  We are lucky enough to live within driving distance!

They have a really cool hands-on exhibit called Design Zone.  There were tons of interactive activities.

Chandler decided she wanted to be an astronaut on the weekends when she grows up (when she could take time away from being a cowgirl)!

Of course we had to buy some astronaut food!

This is definitely an unsure face.  She ate a few pieces before she decided she didn’t like it!

We read:

  1. If You Decide to Go to the Moon
  2. The Moon Might Be Milk
  3. Goodnight Moon (in Spanish, I couldn’t find our English one!)
  4. What Is a Space Shuttle?
  5. What Is the Moon?
  6. Little Bear


The Ugly Truth

I promise I am a good mother and don’t let my children run around for long periods of time unattended.  That being said, somehow my son managed to take off his diaper and pull every wipe out of the diaper bag within about 5 minutes.  This was one of those time where all you can do is laugh.  I mean, it’s either laugh or cry…

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  1. Hi I found you thru Pintrest and am currently doing the moon unit. We can’t get quite as fancy as going to the space museum (how cool!), but thank you for the link up for the planets mobile. 🙂

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