We have completed Unit 3: Leaf in My Father’s World Kindergarten!

Unit 3’s words to remember were: I will live and grow in Jesus.

Some of the things we did in this unit:

Every day we sang the song, “Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day.” I didn’t know the song, so I found it on YouTube and we used the video below to sing along with each day.

We did a Picture Box Activity.

We learned why leaves change color.  I used some of the information from this site.

We watched this video clip from Yo Gabba Gabba.

We did a Sound Discrimination Page.  She is so good at these!

We went and collected leaves from different types of trees.

We did a Math Page.

We did a Leaf Rubbing.

We read:

I also added this to our school wall:

I created this page to have a picture, the upper and lower case letter and the “words to remember” on it.  I’m planning on making one for each unit and providing them for you to download.  Click the link below to get them.

Download the Letter and Words To Remember Coloring Pages

The Ugly Truth

The truth is, I have waited so long to post about this unit that I can barely even remember what we did!

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