We have completed Unit 4: Apple in My Father’s World Kindergarten!

Unit 4’s words to remember were: If I stay in Jesus, I will have much fruit.

Some of the things we did in this unit:

Every day we sang the song, “Johnny Appleseed.” Again, I didn’t know the song, so I found it on YouTube.

I bought about a dozen apples in different colors to be used throughout the unit.  On day 2, I helped Chandler make a graph to show how many apples we had of each color.

We did this math page… well, she did!  I asked her to cut out the apples and when I turned around to explain what to do with them, she had already done it!

Of course, we did our apple badge.

We did an apple tree craft.

We read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World and used our globe to point out all the places the girl goes to in the book.

We also used the recipe in the back of the book to make an apple pie (which coordinated nicely with Thanksgiving)!

We read:

Download the Letter and Words To Remember Coloring Pages

The Ugly Truth

This unit went pretty smoothly and we had a lot of fun with it!

In other news… I have kept all of the thing that my son shouldn’t get into on the upper shelves in our homeschool room.  I’ve kept the things he can’t hurt or that can’t hurt him on the lower shelves where it won’t matter if he can reach them.  Welp, this week my boy became a climber.  He learned to do this:

I’m in for a fun next few years.

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