Unit 6: Turtle in My Father’s World Kindergarten has been completed for quite a while now, but I am so very behind!  Here it is anyway!

Unit 6’s words to remember were: I don’t quit; I persevere.

Some of the things we did in this unit:

Everyday we sang the song “The Little Turtle” which is really a poem by Vachel Lindsay.  We used this video to teach it to us.

I made Chandler a turtle snack!

This is the first unit that we have gotten to use our blend ladder.  I think Chandler caught on very well.

Chandler is a bit further along with math than this, but we did the activity anyway.  She drew numbers from the number cup and counted out paperclips.

She completed a math worksheet for the number 6.

Our next blend ladder activity had her sound out a word and write it on her own.  She is so excited to learn to read!

Of course there was a turtle craft!

And how sweet are the little notes to Mama and Daddy on the turtle’s feet?

For a tactile activity I had her make both uppercase and lowercase T’s out of legos.

We read:

Oh! And we watched Turtle: The Incredible Journey on Netflix.

You can find more ideas on my Pinterest Board.


Download the Letter and Words To Remember Coloring Pages

The Ugly Truth

As you can see, I was feeling a little refreshed in this unit, hence the snack, haha.  I am still behind on posting, as well as behind on school in general.  Sigh.

How to you keep from getting into a homeschool rut?

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