Wednesday I picked up our documents from the Chinese Consulate in Houston.  I was sweating bullets thinking that they might gave refused to authenticate something, but thankfully I walked right in and picked them up without any problems.  I immediately made copies of everything and sent all the documents plus pictures to our agency.  This is known as our dossier – 13 documents that had been notarized, certified, and authenticated, plus a complete copy of those documents (which had to be made without unstapling anything), 3 pictures of Billy and I together, 8 pictures of Billy and I with other people, and copies of our passports.  I went to the post office to send all of that to our agency overnight, and I might have threatened the postal worker bodily harm if they didn’t make it there safely. 😉  Just kidding.  I really felt like it though.

The agency did receive it the next day as promised and now our dossier is in critical review, where it will be looked over 3 times for mistakes or errors.  Would you join me in praying that it is perfect?  If there are mistakes on any of the documents, we will have to go through the whole notarize/certify/authenticate process again, and it will delay us from getting Ezra as soon as possible.  After critical review, they will translate it and send it to China!  We will be DTC (Dossier To China) after that!  Our dossier will be logged into China’s system (we will be LID)next and that means our paperchase will be over! And then we are just waiting for the LOA (Letter of Approval) to come that says we go get Ezra.  It should take about 65 days from LID to LOA. (Confused yet? Me either.)  Then it is usually another 2 months until we would be able to go get him.  So for those of you who don’t want to do math, that is about 4 1/2 months away, or February/March.

Of course, that is all hypothetical and going off of current trends.  All I know to do it pay attention and pray that we can get him home as soon as possible!

In other news, we were awarded a $2,000 grant from our church, First Baptist Church of Livingston.  If you are interested in applying for the grant, you can find info here:  Forever Family Adoption Ministry.  We are so thankful and ecstatic to have received their help!

The Ugly Truth

So you would think that I would be breathing a huge sigh of relief right about now, right?  I’m done (hopefully) with all of my paper chasing and now I can just relax and wait.  That’s the thing though… I’m not good at relaxing or waiting.  I’ve been able to throw my nervous energy into getting this dossier done and now there’s not much I can do.

I recently read a fellow adopter’s blog and she referenced a post by No Hands But Ours called ‘God’s Calling (And He’s Using a Megaphone).’  I could quote the whole post here, but you can just click the link to read it, so I won’t.  One of the lines says”

“It wasn’t wrong of me to fight for my children. But maybe I made an idol out of the mission. Maybe I cried out more for the noble thing I wanted than for my noble God.”

Ouch. I was convicted. And realizing that I didn’t like the waiting period because that meant I wasn’t in control of it.

Yeah, I need Jesus every single day.  I can try to juggle it all, but what I really need to be doing is surrendering it all.


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