We had our garage sale fundraiser this past weekend and I know you can’t wait any longer for me to tell you how it went… Or maybe it’s that I can’t wait to tell you!

So many items were given to us that it took over our garage! We had sooo much stuff! As we began sorting through boxes, I began to try to calculate how much we could raise. I came up with a $2000 goal. I felt like I was stretching it a bit, but thought that it might be attainable, especially if God wanted to show off a little bit.


We sold donated items, some personal items, our adoption t-shirts, Righteous Brother’s coffee, and a few necklaces that I had made. The kids had a blast helping with a lemonade stand. Aren’t they the cutest?



After the first day, we counted up our donations for the day and I was shocked! We had almost raised the entire goal amount in the first day!

Saturday morning started out slower than the day before and we ended up with quite a bit of stuff leftover that ended up being donated to a local resale shop. I figured we had beat our goal of $2000 by about $500.

God really wanted to show off because He blew my little goal out of the water! In total we raised $3200 from the garage sale! I can hardly believe it!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to donate items, help sort and price items, helped at the sale, who watched kids, baked cookies, poured lemonade, helped with clean up, and those who came to donate money or purchase things! We are so thankful and just blown away by your generosity!


The Ugly Truth

I can’t think of anything… All I know is that we are thankful.

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