And I love using my creativity to encourage others to lead more intentional lives. Here you’ll find resources to help you steward your time well, memorize scripture, and express yourself.

I’m a worship pastor’s wife and stay at home mom that used to get tattoos and tour the country playing bass in a rock band. Most of the music gear is sold but I still have the tattoos. These days you’ll find me spending time with my family, working as a freelance graphic designer, or writing.

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How To Study The Bible: REAP Bible study method. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to dive deeper into scripture, R.E.A.P. is an easy way to study the Bible. Download the free printable journal page to use during your journaling time.

A Quick Guide to the REAP Bible Study Method & A FREE Printable

Maybe you're new to reading the Bible or just looking for a new tool to help you... either way, I think the REAP method of Bible Study is a simple and easy way to dive a little deeper into the Word. I learned this Bible study method from a previous...

Free Month on Two Pages Planner Printable with header template to trace

Free Month on Two Pages Planner Printable with Headers

Today I'm adding a simple planner printable calendar to the Resource Library. It's a traditional layout that fits a month on two pages, considering you want to cut the sheet in half and put it in a ring binder or fold it in half. Otherwise it's one page. 😉 It's...

Free printable 2018 "future log" or "looking ahead" calendar. Print and trace into your bullet journal, cut in half and use in your planner, use it as a coloring page! Easy!

Free 2018 Future Log Printable

Keeping up with my tradition of getting you calendars way behind schedule, here is a free printable "future log" inspired layout. I mean, why not? It's only February. Use the lines to write in the date and event out to the side of the calendar. This isn't meant to be...

Free 2018 Calendar Printable for Coloring or Tracing

So it's the second week of January already. Yeah, I know. This would have been more helpful back in December, right? Or maybe, your head has been reeling from the holidays and you're just now ready to tackle your 2018 plans. You are my people. Procrastinators unite! Whatever the reason,...