We got pre-approval!!!!

We found out yesterday morning and since then I have been trying to process and wrap my head around the fact that we have a son on the other side of the world! We are so so happy and thankful that God has answered this prayer for us.

And in case you didn’t notice… I did say son! He is 3 years old and is just 7 months older than Noah. We have decided to call him Ezra. I couldn’t wait any longer to share this news with you! And of course to let you see this sweet little face.

Ezra1These photos were sent to us in his referral.  They are all of the photos we have of him and have guessed that the ones where he looks a bit chubbier are when he was younger and the one with the blue background is more recent. His file said he has a ready smile, is fond of listening to music, talkative, sometimes mischievous, bright, and He is considered “Prince Charming” by the nannies at the orphanage.

You may be wondering what exactly pre-approval means. Basically, pre-approval is the CCCWA’s acknowledgement or confirmation that our Letter of Intent has been received and it represents the CCCWA’s agreement to review and process our file through the expedited Waiting Child Program, once they receive our dossier.

Ezra2We have until October 9, 2014 to get our dossier to the CCCWA or Ezra’s file will become unlocked and someone else could potentially be matched with him and start the adoption process.  So it is very important that we get our dossier completed as soon as possible!  A dossier (pronounced daw-see-ay), is a collection of legal documents that China requires from us in order to adopt.  It is very extensive and has to include a copy of our home study, which we have not started yet, but I am compiling the list of documents that our home study agency needs in order to schedule our first interview with a social worker, including a floor plan of our home, autobiographies, photos, copies of pretty much every legal document you can think of, among other things. Phew!

Thanks to a few very generous donations and some savings we were able to send off our first agency fee of $2500 to our adoption agency, CCAI. Our next large expense will be to our home study agency, which is due at the time of our first interview. I have had a couple of people inquire about donations, wondering if they are tax deductible or if there is another way to give besides through the donation button on our blog.  I should have info about that soon. I need to check with our agency to see if they can accept donations on our behalf.

We are taking preorders for the shirt I posted about before.  You can order through the store link on the right sidebar, or if we live in your area you can order in person so we don’t have to deal with shipping.  Billy and I opened that online store as a way to sell items online to raise money for the adoption, so rest assured that all of the proceeds go to our adoption fund.  As always, we covet your prayers. Feel free to share the image below. We want all the prayer and support we can get.  Thank you so much for all you have done already.

The Ugly Truth

I had a friend ask how I was doing today.  And to be honest, I told her I was still in shock and a little overwhelmed. I suppose I should have been better prepared to receive this amazing news, however, I guess I have been preparing for the worst and haven’t fully surrendered to the idea of having another child.  That’s what I meant when I said I’ve been trying to process. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely overjoyed and blessed, I have just been protecting myself from rejection and now I am doing the work of unclenching these arms so that they can stretch all the way over to China! If God is willing, and we believe He is, Ezra will be a part of our family within a year! Thank you for celebrating with us!


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