My heart could just burst!  I have new (to me) pictures of Ezra!  AND even VIDEOS!

Thanks to the wonders of the internet I have connected with others who have sent me pictures of our sweet boy.  It helps that he is easy to spot in a group. 😉

It’s hard to tell how big he is in this picture, but he looks like he may be fairly young.  It’s an almost baby picture!



Look at that face! I can’t wait to squish it!

Here he is studying hard.


Ok, and this is the best part.  Here are 3 very short videos.  I’m not sure what the occasion was, but it looks like the children and workers are posing for photos with the Americans that were there teaching the children.  They were there for 5 years, but apparently left in December.  The videos are from October 2013, almost a year ago!  He looks so big already… I can’t imagine how much bigger he is now.  Also, you won’t have any trouble spotting him.  He’s the one in front trying to shield his eyes from the sun. 🙂

The last one really cracks me up! I could watch those over and over again! By the way, I’d say he has some pretty good style already. Not many people can pull off plaid with polka dots.

The Ugly Truth

The below picture is a screenshot from a video I found from The CEO Foundation.  The CEO Foundation is a charity foundation that is based out of Hong Kong and is currently working on the 4th flour of Ezra’s orphanage.  They teach the children English, music, how to use westernized toilets, among other things.  The founders are Christians too.  Basically, after watching the video, I am surprised but so happy to see that the orphanage isn’t as terrible as I could have imagined.  Actually, Ezra seems to be extremely blessed to be where he is.

I did watch all 26 minutes of the video even though it is not in English.  I was looking very closely at the video and didn’t see Ezra at all, but I did manage to spot some of his artwork!  The one on the bottom right is his!


So…I may have spent a considerable (huge) amount of time scouring the internet for any trace of our boy’s little white head since I’ve been given a little information to go off of… but can you blame me?

3 thoughts on “Prepare For Sweetness Overload

  1. I am in love with your story. I am fb friends with Frank Aragon and I happened to see the link he shared about your story.

    I read every post so far about your adoption story, and I cried. So beautiful. I will be praying for your family and your sweet boy. I will also look into your adoption store. I’m just a 20 year old college student, but if I can help in a small way like purchasing from the shop, I will.

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