I have a confession.  I want this blog to be the best.  I want it to inspire and motivate and be perfect.  I have issues with that… perfection.  It has haunted me all my life.  Maybe it stems from a deep seeded need from my childhood.  A need to be in control or to be worthy of love.  Whatever the cause… it’s a problem.  The Pinterest craze hasn’t helped either.  You know what I’m talking about… all those beautiful homes and recipes and crafts.  I love Pinterest.  LOVE IT.  But I just can’t live up to it.  And if I’m not careful, I end up with a distorted view of myself and what my life should be like.

I don’t have the perfect marriage, perfect family, perfect house, or perfect spiritual life.  People use the internet to create an idealized version of their life.  I am guilty too.  My photos are always edited before being uploaded to Facebook.  And I cringe when I’m tagged in someone else’s photos… because I know it is likely not flattering at all!  It’s easy to hide behind social media.  I can control exactly what everyone sees of me and create the perfect person that I want to be.

I want this blog to be an inspiration.  Not in a “How wonderful am I?” sort of way.  I want to encourage an authentic life of faith, love, creativity, and thankfulness.  I want to be an assurance that you are not alone and a reminder that God’s grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9).  It’s okay to be vulnerable and imperfect. If we were perfect we wouldn’t need Christ.  Ironically, Christ is the “perfect” example of suffering, vulnerability, and, thankfully, triumph.

I don’t intend to glorify my shortcomings.  Rather, my desire is to glorify God in spite of my shortcomings, including the fact that I sometimes strive for a skewed view of perfection.  I hope that this blog will be a real look at a real life.  I hope that I can post about my latest creative endeavor or my latest struggle, such as not reading my bible daily.  And I hope, by God’s grace, it will help us all grow in love and faith.

What about you?  Can you relate to the pressure of putting on a front for social media?  I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one! 🙂

The Ugly Truth

I read, reread, asked my husband to read, proofread, and read again so that this post would be perfect.  Wow.

11 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

  1. Tasha, I understand the desire to be perfect so I would be loved too, beginning in my childhood, that carried to adulthood. God finally got thru to me at 34 years old. He blessed me with a husband that’s loved me, the imperfect me, unconditionally now for 34 years. It’s very freeing to let go of that feeling of needing to be perfect. Of course, I still want to be the best I can. You are an inspiration to all women that know you. Thank you for sharing and I’m looking forward to more.

    1. Thank you, Jeanine! You and I are both blessed, then, with husbands that love us unconditionally. I am very grateful to have the one I do! Unfortunately, I am my own worst critic. My striving for perfection doesn’t so much depend on what others think as much as what I think. Slowly I am letting go of “me” being perfect, but still struggle with making everything I do perfect. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You said to me once that “God just knows what He is doing”. I am telling you that at the very second I felt this kind of loneliness I saw the post about your blog. The Holy spirit in the last two days has poured into me more than He has in probably the last six months and as soon as I stop to take a breath I feel so absolutely stupid for not doing what He asks of me and reading daily. I try. I start a Bible study or a devotional and the first day i miss is the last day I do it. I get sooooo frustrated with my self and my stupid OCD that I just quit! If i can’t do it right then I should’t do it! Right? Wrong! I know that I know I could do so much more for the Kingdom if I just took the time to let God teach me. I’m stubborn and lazy and I don’t want anyone to know.

    1. Yes, Rach, you point out something I didn’t even address in this post. Perfectionism can be very debilitating. In my mind, if it can’t be done perfectly, it’s not worth doing! That sounds psychotic when you say it out loud, but it’s how I feel! I completely understand! And like I said, you’re not alone. For me, this is a starting point… to say, “Here are my faults! Some of them are okay, but some of them aren’t! Please keep me accountable!” The more people that know, the harder it is to fake and hide.

      1. Had to comment again.. i have been told by many people that because of my creative and passionate nature ( or A.D.D. ) that some side effects are just normal, such as obsessiveness, compulsivity, inability to accept failure ( so why try ) and at times over stimulation followed by lack of motivation. You ladies, i and so many others could very easily fall prey to societal pressures or labels and begin to feel hopeless. Hope is so abundant in faith and when you open yourself up to others as you are, your faith will surely grow. I will scream it for as long as i can that the Word has changed my life and renewed my mind. It is without a doubt the best thing in life and i am clinging to it! Way to go Tasha, I am excited to hear more of your unique heart.

  3. Just found your blog searching for some inspiration for My Father’s World Kindergarten program. Thanks so much for sharing! I love what you’ve written here and can identify a bit. 🙂 Thanks for making this space! I’m looking forward to reading more. xo

  4. I just found your blog as well and was so delighted to read the encouraging words and see the beautiful work that God has blessed your hands to do. I was very critical of myself and the things I do as well, until I realized that it is God that gives me the strength, the ability, the courage and the know how to do what ever I do, seeing that through my imperfections I can do nothing perfect, so I don’t judge critically the talents and gifts he given me, I do the best I can with them and offer them up to him and let him perfect them, that way he always get the glory, and the weight of trying to get it just right is off me. Love the Kitchen Island

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