I was raised with the rule that it is bad luck to take down Christmas decorations before the New Year.  I have held true to that tradition my entire adult life.  So true, in fact, that in the past I have left mine up until March!  For real… I’m just lazy.  BUT! BUT… this year, I have already gotten them taken down!  My husband had some time off so I decided to get them all put up while I still had his help.  I knew that if I didn’t get it done now, it might be weeks or months before I muster up the energy (& determination) to do it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that my husband surprised me with a new camera!  Every blogger and mom’s dream, right?  Oh, and a new 50mm lens!  I may have gone a little overboard with the pictures of my Christmas decorations before we took them down, but they were so much fun to photograph.  So be warned, there are tons of photos in this post.

First up is my artsy attempt to photograph the Christmas tree with a child in front of it.  Since I know nothing about cameras I just found a pin on Pinterest that had all of the specs to use to get this pretty glowing effect (I think it’s called bokeh?).

Our Christmas tree had about had it at this point.  This photo was taken on Christmas day, after all the presents had been dug out from under it and all the ornaments within reach had ben plucked off by a curious 18 month old.

I made him this nifty felt Christmas tree in hopes that he would leave mine alone… didn’t work.  The only time it looked like this is between me picking up all the pieces and him noticing… he would run right back over and rake them all off onto the floor. (By the way, this image is from my old camera, a perfectly good Canon Powershot… but look at the difference?!)  I got the idea from this post I found on Pinterest.

If you read about my table decorations on the Women’s Ministry Ornament Exchange (or were there), then this tablescape may look familiar to you.  I used the same stuff to decorate our table/island at home.

A close up of some of the decorations.  (And if you look at the top left corner of the picture you can see the handle of a magnifying glass that somehow made its way in there!)

Some of our other decorations were my completely ripped-off chalkboard drawing (seen here), stockings hung on the hutch, and a card holder I made by wrapping an old canvas frame with fabric and zig zagging hemp rope around it so that we could clothespin the cards to it.

My favorite project for Christmas this year was a little forest of handmade Christmas trees.  I made a pinecone one, a hemp wrapped one…

a fabric ruffle one, a fabric rosette one…

a sparkly garland wrapped one, a moss covered one…

a garland and pinecone one (with a cameo from a cute little gnome that was smashed into pieces by my son, I just plopped him right on top!), and a sweater covered one.  The sparkly garland was my least favorite and I think my favorite is the sweater one, mostly because I came up with it on my own. 🙂

I got the idea for these little trees from this post on Pinterest of course.  The cone for all of these were made out of cardboard from cereal boxes!  Talk about a cheap project!  You can view the tutorial for making most of these from Shauna Malloux’s blog post.

For the sweater wrapped one, I just cut an old sweater, wrapped it around and hot glued!

The Ugly Truth

I’ve pretty much given you some pretty ugly information already… I mean, who leaves up Christmas decorations until March?!  But here is a little something that I though I would share.  My darling, sweet, curious, little heathen of a son ( ;-)) somehow grew a few inches and was able to reach the table runner on the island.  The table runner that held all of those pretty glass decorations.  This was the result:

I turned my back for just a minute and then crash!  He had pulled and pulled until the first few glass containers came crashing down around him.  I found him sitting in the middle of this!  Oh my goodness!  He wasn’t hurt, which was my main concern, but one of my favorite apothecary jars was.  I had gotten it in a pack of 3 at Walmart a couple of years ago for just $15!  A wiser woman later told me the trick is to tape the table runner underneath the table top so there isn’ anything to grab onto!

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  1. You’re learning how to deal with having a little boy now. So much different that a little girl. The pictures are great with the new camera. But the old one looks good too. You can send it my way if you want too.

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