A couple of weeks ago I asked our agency if we would be getting any updates on Ezra along this process.  I had been seeing others getting updates and was excited to see if we would be getting one as well.  I was informed that they had already requested one, but it might take a while before we actually get it.

Well… We have been gone on vacation so I haven’t been checking my email.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this in my inbox when we got back!  This is the most up-to-date picture we can get!  My heart melts more with each photo.  His facial expressions crack me up.  He seems very serious, but, because of our experience with Noah and albinism, I know that furrowing of his brow is him squinting a little from the brightness of the lights.

Maybe I’m imagining it, but I think I can see a little smile in those eyes.  And the peace sign… So cute!EzraUpdate2

Let me zoom it in for you.

Just look at those eyes!


Is he not the sweetest thing?

We also received updated measurements.  I have been told that the measurements are usually inaccurate but ours is WAY off.  It says he weighs 30kg, which is 66 pounds! Ha! There is no way! Maybe they meant 30lbs?

It also says he is 107cm tall, or 42 inches.  That’s 6 inches taller than Noah is!  Also his foot is a half inch larger than Noah.

The Ugly Truth

This is silly,  but I got kinda sad when I learned that Ezra may be a lot bigger than Noah.  He’s only 7 months older, so I figured they would be around the same size, especially considering Ezra has been in an orphanage.  I’m glad that he seems healthy! And I will be totally happy, but shocked, if he is actually that tall!  My twinge of sadness comes from my idea that he and Noah would be like little twins.  They would be able to share clothes, strangers may not ask about Ezra so much if it seems like he and Noah are twins, and they would be best buds!  Rationally, I know that just because Ezra may be taller, it doesn’t mean they won’t be two peas in a pod.  That’s just my insecurities and fears showing.

Oh and then there’s the fact that with each day he isn’t with us he is getting bigger and older.  I’m missing it.  And that makes me sadder than anything.

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