This is going to be short because I am still in shock and words are failing me right now.

We got Travel Approval (TA), which means very soon we will know the date we are leaving.  We have requested March 11th as our departure date but there is a small chance it could be pushed back to March 18.  It all depends on what date our Consulate appointment is on.  Of course we want to leave ASAP so prayers for that would be appreciated.

I knew it was coming and yet I can’t believe it.  We are going to be bringing Ezra home very soon!!!

The Ugly Truth

Thanks to Chinese New Year, our departure has been delayed about a week from what it should have been.  Also, almost everyone else who received travel approval today got the choice to leave on 3/4 instead of 3/11 like us.  I do not know why.  But I can’t even be upset because I am just so excited!  Of course I would like to leave a week earlier!  However, I am choosing to believe that we have these dates for a specific reason and trusting God’s plan.

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