I have been getting asked for an update.  Problem is… I don’t have one.  (In case you didn’t read my previous post, we are in the very beginning stages of adoption with a referral that is awaiting pre-approval from China.) I have been told that PA (pre-approval) usually takes 2 weeks, but can turn into 3 if there are special circumstances (such as us not meeting the net worth requirement) that need to be looked over by a director at CCCWA (China Center for Children Welfares and Adoption).

I emailed our agency on the 13th (2 weeks after our info was sent to CCCWA) to ask how much longer until we should hear something.  She said the director that would need to look over our papers has been out of the office, causing even more of a delay, but we should know something within 1-2 weeks. It has been 10 days since that update… so we have been waiting for 25 days now.

Honestly, we should just get used to it! “Hurry up and wait” seems to be a theme with adoptions.  I know that… it’s just particularly hard at this stage because I want to go ahead and start fundraising and sharing more info with everyone!

We do have a t-shirt fundraiser in the works that I am especially excited about and we will be doing a neat puzzle fundraiser.  We are pumped to get those rolling, but feel it is best to wait until we hear that we have received PA first.

Adoption Fundraiser - Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders - Shirt

Until then, here is the shirt design. It says “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.” It is inspired by the popular Hillsong song Oceans (Where Feet May Fail). I’ll have pricing and ordering info on these soon!


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The Ugly Truth

I forgot to write this little section on my last post! I can’t believe that! Well… you’ll get the whole truth today. 😉

So I said waiting is hard because I want to share more with you and start fundraising, but if I’m completely honest, it’s mostly hard because my heart wants to jump all in and love this child with everything it has, but my head is telling it not to because I might get turned down and hurt.  That’s the truth, folks. I am trying my best to surrender it all to God and just trust His good and perfect will, but we all know that is really hard to do… especially when our feelings are so involved.  So I guess pray for me about that! And please continue to pray favor over our paperwork that is being reviewed at CCCWA. We really want to be chosen as this child’s family! Thank you!

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