Coloring Gospel Truths

A devotional coloring book and journal to help you memorize and meditate on the truth of God’s Word.

  • Devotional

    Context and thoughts on the featured verse

  • Verses

    31 verses to memorize

  • Coloring

    31 unique coloring pages

  • Hollow Text

    Hollow verses to color and aid memorization

  • Reflection

    Questions and lined space to write

  • Undated

    Finish each devotional at your own pace

  • 8×10, perfect bound, 198 pages
  • Thick, 70lb paper
  • 31 verses to study and memorize
  • 31 gorgeous coloring pages
  • Reflection questions
  • Space to write notes and prayers

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Hi! I’m Tasha Wiginton. I’m just a mom of three who struggles to juggle work, home, family, AND finding a little time to relax. I realized that I was expecting stress relief to come with a glass of wine or alone time, but I quickly found that those few moments of peace didn’t carry me through the stress of my everyday life. I was longing for more.

Thankfully, God began showing me the necessity of knowing His Word and the discipline of memorizing Scripture. Now I am able to carry God’s Word, and therefore, rest, with me wherever I go. And you can too! If you don’t know where or how to start, Coloring Gospel Truths is a great place to begin.

Are you ready to find true rest?

In Coloring Gospel Truths you’ll study and reflect on carefully selected verses, which highlight important theological truths, and help you know and trust God more. This is where true rest is found! You’ll take time to color the verses as you meditate on and memorize the truth of God’s Word, allowing it to lead you to a rested spirit and firm foundation to hold onto in times of stress.

As someone who has owned and used adult coloring books, I have almost always found them lacking. I want to rest and let my mind wander while keeping my hands busy, but some guidance or encouragement to take thoughts captive would be nice. Incredibly, this is what Tasha’s book offers. Finally! Not only do we get a beautiful book to keep our hands busy… but now it’s coupled with life-changing truth from the mouth of God, and ways to actually apply and process it!

Jaleesa McCreary

Worship leader at The Austin Stone Community Church

This is so much more than a coloring book. It’s respite for hungry souls that long to drink from the deep wells of rest and joy that can only be found in God’s Word. Coloring Gospel Truths seamlessly marries the exploration of deep theological truths… with the timeless spiritual disciplines of meditation and memorization. Through these pages, Tasha shows us how even a leisure activity like coloring can be a channel through which we come to know and love Christ more fully.

Christina Kposowa

Writer and author of

God’s word is the anchor in our life that keeps our hearts trusting Jesus. Tasha has done such a fantastic job of creating a tool to help us creatively meditate on the Word so that it sinks into the deep parts of who we are. This book is a tangible way to help you stop, take a deep breath, and let all your senses be saturated with the beauty and life that is God’s Word!

Jana Cofield

Co-owner and lead designer at Waterloo Style

Tasha has created a resource that marries the personal application of God’s Word with serene creativity. This unique devotional affords you the opportunity to step away from the busyness of your day, creatively engage with God’s Word, and enjoy soul-filling relaxation all at the same time. I can’t wait to fill each of Tasha’s beautiful, hand-crafted designs with color—and I intend to purchase several copies as gifts!

Sandi Sutton

Founder and editor in chief of The Joyful Life Magazine



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