DIY Painted Chevron Stripe Rug

My living room rug has seen better days.  I don’t know what I was thinking when we bought a white rug!  Well, actually, what I was thinking is that at the time we were living in a wood paneled box and I needed something to lighten things up.  I didn’t think it would be all […]

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DIY Anchor Wall Art | The Good, The Bad, And The Truth

DIY Anchor Wall Art

I am excited to share this little (well, big!) project with you!    Here’s how I did it: Start with a sanded, clean, preferably not warped piece of plywood.  I used what I had on hand and it was very thin and had been leaning against a wall for a while, so it was warped. […]

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DIY Kitchen Island From A Dresser

Remember this guy I showed you a few posts back?  He wasn’t very handsome and definitely needed some work, BUT he was only $10 (lamp, belt, and shelf not included, haha)! Well… now he is this: I can hardly believe we actually made this thing!  I love it and it filled the need for us […]

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