Have you seen the beautiful Bible art going around lately? Just search for Bible journaling in Pinterest and you’ll get thousands of images of some of the most creative art you’ve ever seen! That makes me so happy because I believe Christians should be leading the culture in creative outlets.

But what if you’re not so creative… Does that mean you can’t get in on the fun too? Are you limited to lined paper and only using your colored pens to write? No way! There is a super easy solution that I would love to let you in on… If you’re a true artist maybe look away because I’m about to instruct the people to… *gasp*… TRACE!

Seriously, I trace stuff all the time. People are constantly telling me how talented I am and I’m just like “Not really cause I totally traced that.”

I google clip art of things I want to draw and either print or trace right off the iPad screen. Bible pages are nice and thin so tracing through them is easy! But I’m going to make it even easier for you! Just download and print this PDF template I created. It’s already sized perfectly to fit the margin of a journaling Bible or the whole page of  a journal.

The template could also be used as a coloring sheet and bookmark! If you do download and use it I’d love to see your art! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter (@tashawiginton) and use the hashtag #JournalingWithTasha

3 thoughts on “Easy Bible Journaling With Free Psalm 27 Template

  1. Hi! What kind of bible is that ? That’s so cool! Can you send me the cover page so i can buy something like yours. Thanks! Have a nice day! Godbless!

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